I'm coming back from filing a report to the police. About two hours ago I went inside a building to make a delivery. As I was coming out of the building, I saw a young black man take my Bixi. I yelled at him "hey, that's my bike!", but he sped off. I chased after him and almost caught him. He was a slow biker, but fast enough to outpace me after a chase of five blocks.

The consequences of this are not for the bike, but for my current mode of sustenance. I will not be able to get another bike until the one that was stolen is found. This prevents me from doing deliveries on DoorDash. The malfunctioning dock which gave bikes without checking them out broke down completely, so my bike was "on duty" when it was taken. I called Bixi to report the problem and they directed me to the police.

The police did a reasonable job trying to resolve the case. They checked if there were police cameras around the area where this happened, since it was close to the entrance of the metro station. Unfortunately the cameras pointed inside and not outside of the metro station. I wrote down my declaration and answered a couple of questions. After all was done I told the policeman I was sure they had more important things to deal with, and thanked him for his time.

I looked around the area where my bixi was stolen. There was a black man sitting on a bench with a bixi next to him. He was dressed differently, and I was almost sure it was not him, but not entirely. He could have changed, and it is not normal loitering around with a Bixi, I just wanted to make sure it was not my bike.

I approached him and said "Sorry, I'll just check something on this bike" and I looked at the serial number. He asked why. "Someone took my bike" I answered. "Well, even if it was yours, what are you going to do?" he said defiantly. It wasn't my bike. "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry to bother you". He shook his head. I walked back home, dejected.

I'm trying to discover the meaning of all of this. My laptop breaking down. Steve stabbing Jonathan. Losing my phone and my credit card at a crucial moment. Causing and getting caught up in drama with my brother. Losing my bike and thus my temporary sustenance (I can't take another bike until the stolen one is docked). It's raining over wet ground for me.

I feel that same immense tiredness I felt earlier in the day. I want to go to bed and have nina console me again. But I know she was borrowed from heaven just a moment and she won't come back soon. She already did her job.

I won't try to fix anything. I will sit and observe my breath. If I doze off into a slumber, so be it. I've done my duty for today.