I've been skipping dancing, the gym and yoga in order to have more energies for my DoorDash runs. Should I have enough money I would do it two hours per day instead of the 6-8 hours I'm putting in. I've been trying to use the gym in between deliveries at off-peak hours, but I can only do a couple of pull-ups and curls before being called into service.

It's 2:20am and I just got a service to fulfill.

I'm back. That was sketchy. A very cheap item from McDonald's was ordered by a customer who marked a specific location in front of a building. When I arrived a strong guy walked away. Nobody else was at the location. I tried chat and no response, phone call no response. Contacted support and was instructed to leave it somewhere safe. From my experience at Cabify, I know both drivers and customers try to play a lot of tricks. This was a trick I don't yet understand. I can't say for sure that the guy who walked away was involved.

Back to what I was going to write. I don't have enough physical energy to work with my body and also train my body. But yesterday I understood how I can make this work. I was prompted by the app to change my zone to Westmount instead of downtown, as there was more activity there. I switched and got a delivery very far away. That wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that I had to climb uphill. Then I got another service, kinda far away but downhill, and then another, again kind of far away.

In Westmount people give better tips. I don't know if it's the affluence, or the fact that you have to cover more distance because of the low population density (probably both) and I thought "this would be nice with an electric bike". So that gave me the idea.

There's a malfunctioning dock at the nearest Bixi station home. It will give you the bike but it won't register as given, so you take and it doesn't show up on the app. I took an electric bike with full charge from another dock and placed it on the malfunctioning dock. Now I had an electric bike for as long as I needed it without having to pay for it. I moved from the gray zone to the black zone, this I will not attempt to justify myself, I've entered the slippery slope of cheating.

Some people who walk the camino in Spain skip their daily walk and take the bus. I used to be amused at them, what's the point? But then I walked with a girl who was sick and I accompanied her on the bus. From then on, I had to "resist temptation" because when you are tired and ailing, the bus becomes an appealing alternative. I did it a second time and then worked hard to drop the feeling it was an alternative at all.

When you remove the effort, you also remove a part of the reward.

This time around however, my effort does not produce spiritual reward, it produces monetary reward, and if I use less effort to produce the same amount of money, I have more energy to expend wether it is to make more money or to use it on my physical pursuits. I understood very quickly: it is better not to make any moral qualms about it, this is just too good to let it pass. I won't wear myself down biking those Bixi tanks. Once I've tried the forbidden fruit there is no going back.