Yesterday I had dreamless, restorative sleep. Today I feel strangely self-assured. Despite everything being upside down, I know it will be fine. It always turns out fine.

Look back at how many times you've despaired, and then ask yourself: are you not fine now? How is it that you were at the edge of a break, looking down into the abyss thinking "there is no way you will survive this fall", and yet you are here, reading these words.

Despair comes before change. It couldn't be any other way. Despair propels us into change. What would you change if you were comfortable with life? You would be stagnant. Life is poetry, and in every narrative there's ups and downs, stasis and chaos, openings and closings, beginnings and culminations.

Welcome despair as you welcome the pull of the ocean that is the cause of the wave that will propel you forward. The stronger the pull, the greater the push.

Your despair is the counterpoint of something great about to happen.