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Library of Westmount

Yesterday I decided to publish a photo with every work log I publish. With this mission in mind, I took a walk through the park instead of taking the shortest path to the gym. Having a simple daily task helps ruffle things up in this repetitive yet grueling existence I have set up for myself.

I never cease to feel guilty about complaining about my circumstance. I chose this for myself, I knew it wouldn't be pleasant, so I feel like I have no right to complain. Furthermore, complaining is the anti-pattern: where I see people age like wine, they appreciate what they have, and where people age like vinegar, they complain about what they have.

So what can I appreciate?

  • That I'm sleeping like a baby
  • That I'm eating like a king
  • That I have intense work outs at the gym
  • That I appreciate the beauty in everyone around me
  • That weather has been mild

If a bias is inevitable, let the bias lean towards that which is good, beautiful, and true.