This morning I meditated. As I entered the space where thoughts become but a murmur, I noticed my baseline mood is just the same as it was in Mexico. I seem to have adjusted to these unfavorable conditions.

Then, I came into the space within yourself where there is aliveness. The energy that pulsates through the body and makes you feel your existence not only takes place within your head, but is a pleasant mind-body phenomena. We rarely make the effort of experiencing it.

By coming into this place you can see for yourself that this inner state cannot be disturbed by outer phenomena, and yet it contradicts something I've written before. Could it be that the mind loses itself so much in its own narrative that it is unable to reach the body and pulsate in unison?

Be remaining here as long as possible (just a few minutes in my case), you notice the baseline of existence is a certain kind of bliss which is veiled by a noisy background of petty thoughts. Sometimes the baseline bliss speaks too, but it does not speak in words, it whispers to the heart in a language which I do not understand.

This infuses me with hope, and my despair recedes. I trust the process. I'm here for a reason I do not understand yet, and there is not point in trying to understand. Everybody plays a role in the unfolding of the universe.