An ancient race of people had written in their sacred book that they ought to inhabit the highest shelter in the highest mountain. They climbed a up the tallest rocky mountain known to them, and found a shelter. They furnished it with all kind of comforts and called it home.

Out of curiosity, a young man climbed up a difficult passage to an unknown side of the mountain. On this side, he found a shelter at a higher place. He came down excited to tell the elders about his discovery.

The most progressive elder said "the shelter you describe sounds much like a cave further down the mountain. I am sure you are confused, and you thought you were ascending, when in reality you were descending."

The most clever elder said "The scriptures say that we must inhabit the highest shelter in the highest mountain, but it does not refer to altitude, but to comfort. Thus, we must inhabit the most comfortable shelter in the most comfortable mountain."

The most conservative elder said "How dare you to question the wisdom of Melchiades who discovered this shelter! You have none of the courage, the beauty, the intelligence to even hold a candle to him. Go away!".

"I will go away" the young man replied, "for I see none of you has the conviction necessary to follow our sacred scripture". So he took his few possessions and inhabited the cold and lonely shelter higher up the mountain. His younger brother would soon follow suit. Between the two of them, through years of hard work, they made a cozy dwelling out of the bare cave.

They were never pariahs to their former tribe. If anything, people thought of them as eccentrics or rebel youth. Old people warned the kids that, if they misbehaved, they would turn out to be like the brothers. However, their bodies and their character was chiseled by the hard work they had to perform, which not only gained the admiration of the children, but of numerous women of their former tribe. Soon, disobeying their parents, a pair of love-struck sisters emigrated to the higher shelter, and a new tribe arose from their marriage.

Eons afterwards, a young man came to the shelter, and proclaimed to have found yet another higher shelter in a different mountain. "How dare you, young rascal, question the wisdom of the founding brothers! God himself led Melchiades to this mountain, and through his lineage produced another prophet who brought us to the highest of shelters, go away!".