Pedestrians in Puebla are the lowest caste in this society. Women carrying babies in their arms are blatantly ignored. Sidewalks are a shame. Bridges where not more than one person can pass at a time. Dwellings blatantly eating into the sidewalk. Zebra stripes are for pavement decoration. I spoke to my sister about this, she said she completely understood because she's occasionally a pedestrian too, but when she's in a car pedestrians become invisible.

That's indeed how it feels. First of all there's no pedestrian traffic lights, and you may try to cross a street where nearly everyone turns, and as people run the yellow light, by the time you try to cross the cars from the other side are already over you. You often have to cross running. People have become used to this, but it is insane!

What is most jarring is that mostly people who can't afford a car walk. Outside posh areas sidewalks are in such a bad shape, the streets so loud, and the urban environment so hostile that you would never go for a leisure walk. You walk because you need to get to the bus stop, to the store, to whatever, and it's never a pleasant experience.

I am tempted to begin documenting the most offensive things. You are on a sidewalk and think "oh my, this is impossible": a balcony that comes out to the sidewalk at eye level. A person who decided to make of the sidewalk his garden. And so on.

Anyways, I said I would be short, but I got carried away. There are also many beautiful things in Puebla. I'll make a point to write about them too.