Nothing made me develop a taste for meat as much as growing up in a vegetarian family.

Nothing made me assert my masculinity as much as feminist questioning.

Nothing made me believe in the equality of all human beings as Mexican classism.

Nothing made me more atheist than being indoctrinated into religious dogma.

Nothing made me more spiritual than being indoctrinated into scientific-materialist dogma.

Nothing has made me more skeptical about academic credentials than having one myself.

Acknowledging, accepting and celebrating the opposing forces that built my character, I also notice the following...

Nothing is more likely to go wrong than something you're anxious about.

Nothing crushes a delicate romance more than the overbearing grasp of a lover.

Nothing takes longer to complete than things that needed to be done by yesterday.

Therefore: ponder on effortless activity of wild animals.

Nothing makes food more tasty than being on a strict diet.

Banning a book is the best way to get it read.

Censoring a film is the best way to give it attention.

Prohibiting substances is the best way to make people curious about them.

Therefore: ponder what would be kinky sex if there were no taboos.

Nobody has done more against communism than Joseph Stalin.

Nobody has done more against fascism than Adolph Hitler.

Nobody has done more against socialism than Hugo Chávez.

Nobody has done more against Catholicism than its priests.

Nobody has done more against Islam than its fanatics.

Nobody has pointed out the absurdity of borders more than Donald Trump.

Therefore: ponder on a snake eating its tail.

The objection of the agreeable person is considered more carefully than the disagreeable one.

Constant protests bring about indifference to the cause. Loudness is only appreciated in the context of silence.

Constant bickering about trivial injustices draws attention away from what is truly important. Attention is best considered a valuable resource to be conserved.

Environmental catastrophism brings about environmental indifference. There must be hope.

Therefore: ponder on empty space.