Days on repeat have always driven me crazy. This time, however, days on repeat are welcome. I seem to have gotten a hang of this, I no longer feel like I'm on perpetual emergency, waking up my grandmother in the morning is no longer dreadful, the prospect of going back to Mexico is still appealing but no longer yearned for.

Springtime is coming around and the city is waking up from hibernation. When I go out on my breaks, I delight on seeing people simply enjoying themselves. Last Saturday I signed up for Bixi, a bike rental service, and biked along the Lachine channel, then I went into downtown and accidentally ended up in the Grand Biblioteque, where I signed up for a library card and borrowed a book of aphorisms of Goethe, in French.

I regretted my pretentiousness when I tried understanding what is written on those pages when I came back home. However, I understood something which resonated deeply:

Tout notre art consiste à sacrifier notre existence pour exister