Walked: 17.1 Km

I met a woman whose manners seemed excessively rude, at least by easygoing camino standards. Then we had the chance to chat while walking, and the conversation turned towards spiritual matters. It turned out that her rudeness had to do with her spiritual path.

"How do you know it's not the ego who assigned you this spiritual task?", I asked.

She was at first offended that I would question the validity of her task, but after a moment of silence volunteered to say that the validity of these tasks are felt clearly.

"I don't mean to question your tasks, it's just that the same thing was whispered to me, and the outcome was very negative. When I look objectively at the time I practiced it, there's an obvious decline in the quality of my life. My theory is that the ego is the one who whispers these kind of things because it is hungry of power.

She seemed worried.