Walked: 29.7 Km

Krishnamurti insists there's no gain in giving or dedicating your life to a cause, to a religion, or to an ideology. You seek to escape from yourself, so you sumbmit your goals and your will to a group, a part of The Whole. By submission to anything other than The Whole you support fragmentation. This implies that there are things in the world which you not are, and you enter into conflict, which in its mild expression is experienced as a grudge, and its most gruesome expression is a large scale war.

I am this, and I am not that. I am not that, because being that is wrong. If that is wrong, it ought to be eradicated. That is a mirror of this, and thinks the same thing about me.

What is the solution? A kind of transcendence of the identification with this. That I am this does not mean I cannot be that too. The inner feeling is that of an expansion of the soul to incorporate all perspectives. To be apollonian does not mean one cannot be dyonisian, to be yin does not mean one can be yang, and so on.

The image experienced is that of zooming out from a fractal. As soon as the polarities are transcended, new polarities appear, each one more relevant than the stage transcended before. It seems to never end, but the direction of experiencing The Whole is what indicates the way.