Walked: 28.3 Km

Last night I dreamed that I was the main character in a video game not unlike Grand Theft Auto. I had a large Hummer truck which I used to drive around the city, and when I encountered traffic I pushed the line of cars through the red light.

When I saw an abandoned mansion I jumped out of the truck through the sunroof, and a crowbar appeared in my hand. I approached the house and saw the door was locked. I hit the lock a couple of times and it yielded. I went through the house in a similar fashion, opening drawers with my crowbar and kicking doors open. I encountered some drug addicts in a room which I didn't even bother speaking to. Then I felt tired and went back home.

I made the least effort parking my car outside my home, which looked just as abandoned as the mansion, and I remember thinking: "how clever of the video game designers to make your house a dump, that way you won't feel guilty about mis-parking your car or not organizing your loot".

Then, as I was sleeping, someone barged in the door and slam it shut. He begun pissing in a corner and let out a wet fart. I thought it was a programming mistake and that another player had entered my house, and I was ready to get up and beat the shit out of him. But I came into my senses and realized I was in the albergue and this person was not peeing in a corner, but in the bathroom.

Some things that are perceived in dreams are too much of a leap to explain rationally, but it felt clearly: In the last week I've been treating almost everyone I meet as an non-playing character, not making an effort to connect, going through the motions of introductions but knowing that I will leave the camino soon, and that every bond built will be a bond broken in the near future.

I do not yet understand what is the challenge, but it is breakfast time and everyone is sitting for breakfast, and I'm in a corner writing. It feels like the challenge is not being addressed.