Walked: 29.6km (42.6km total)

Last night I went to bed; and just as I was dozing off, a high pitched alarm woke me up. The lights were flickering and a voice could be heard on the intercom: "It is necessary to evacuate the building immediately. Leave your belongings behind, remain calm and find the nearest emergency exit". My roomate woke up with a scream, we dressed up and exited the room.

When I came out there was a door blocking the hallway, which wasn't there an hour ago. For the second time in my life I've been confused wether I was dreaming or not (while being awake). Things like these only happen in dreams.

We head to the front of the building, and I saw that there were people working in the utility room next to the lobby. They said the smoke detector had been triggered and they had found the culprit (a smoker), and the buidling was just two months old so they didn't know how to disable the alarm and were struggling with it.

When we came back I inspected the new wall: it was a panel with a door. The building had "intelligently" shut off a part of the building so that the smoke would not drift to other areas. On one side (the "smoked" side) the door was obvious, on the "safe" side the door was camouflaged. This way, people from the safe area woudln't accidentally go to the dangerous area.

The first time I was confused as to wether I was dreaming or not was during high school. I came back home very tired from school and went to bed. A friend came over and woke me up. It was very early in the morning and I tried to dissuade him: "it's too early", but it was of no use, he dragged me out of bed to show me something around the neighborhood. As time passed, I noticed it getting darker and darker, and I thought "how strange, I must be dreaming!" and I commented on the strange experience. I can't recall what he responded, but it made everything fall into place: after sleeping and being dragged out of bed I had misinterpreted sunset for sunrise. I had asked for the time and he had said "seven", I made it to be 7am and not 7pm. It hit me like a ton of bricks at the time.

The walk was wonderful, I enjoy walking in silence, yet accompanied.

After arriving to Igualada I went to the swimming pool. It was closed, but at the side of the building I saw a door that was ajar. I pushed through and when through some fronton courts, and got to the pool. I went through the building to find an attendant, but the place was utterly empty. I questioned my dreaming state again.

I decided to have lunch and wait for someone to arrive. Two hours later, with the sun coming out, I decided to dip in. It was wonderful having the pool to myself, and so relaxing after the long walk. After an additional hour of fooling around I decided to leave. As I was showering I heard people arrive. I sneaked out without being noticed.