I have understood the spiritual task of this endeavor.

I avoid conflict like the plague.

It is easier for me to give up what I want than to fight for it.

I will work unpaid extra hours rather than arguing about it with my boss.

I will conceal the truth in order to avoid someone's wrath.

I will give in to unreasonable demands in order to placate a bad humor.

I will allow the other person to dominate because I'm more comfortable conceding rather than fighting.

But then, I will leave when things become too unfair. This applies to romantic, personal and professional environments.

Life and spirit have put me in a situation where the other is incapable of understanding the unfairness of the situation. Give 100% of yourself, and the other will be angry for not giving 120%. It is also impossible to simply walk away.

Yesterday I stepped into conflict willingly. In behavioral terms, she leaned over and growled at me. Instead of leaving, I stooped over and growled even louder. After seeing she was overmatched, she paused and cowered away. She was nice and reasonable to me the rest of the day.

The lesson is clear.