I'm sitting on a bus on my way back to Puebla from Mexico City. I came for the birthday of a friend, and as an added bonus I was able to meet up with René. As I meet up with different good friends I cannot help but notice I am a bit of a different person with each of them.

Upon further reflection, it is not that I am a different person, but a different part of myself is expressed through my friendships. Being "too intellectual" is a turn off with my yoga friends, being "too spiritual" is a turn off for my atheist friends, so I simply communicate about the things we have in common instead of pushing an agenda.

It wasn't always this way. I used to think my friends should accept me in full, and whatever topic I was exploring at the moment should be met with acceptance. Now I understand the act of acceptance must come from myself, in which I do not pester my friends with topics that do not interest them.

I'm wondering: how do I react when a friend pesters me with topics that are not interesting to me? I'm a naturally curious person and most topics interest me, but I do yawn at conversations about petty politics, most sporting matches, and people who complain endlessly.

My eyes glaze over. My mind starts drifting. My attention goes elsewhere. I lose my presence. I start hearing "yadda yadda yadda". If the topic is irritating enough I will ask to change the topic. Perhaps I shouldn't ask and just change it myself.

The bus already arrived to Puebla. I won't have enough time to write a conclusion. I just had this insight: it is necessary to have many different friends so that you can express yourself in full. Don't expect a single friend to overlap with your interests. Time to leave!