As per personal policy, I must state when I'm in an altered state of consciousness, and even though I'm still not quite there, I just lit up a joint and I'm progressing towards that end.

Again, I am without electricity.

Oh dear, I had forgot I was writing my work log, I went into a rabbit hole, but I'm back and willing to write about what's up.

I got distracted again. I will explain, I received a response from the state electricity company via Twitter, and I wished to share the screenshot in this log. But then I thought: to put it through Pixelmator, format crop, save, upload to server, format the html code, oh dear how can you even write if you have to do all that shit!

What if I could paste and resize the image in But then I would get HTML, oh that's wonderful, except write now at this time is simply a textfield, and to make that jump we would to build into another level of complexity that I would not want to tackle at this time.

And thought is all over the place, Let us get back on track.