Yesterday, biking back home from a yoga class, I saw a cannabis dispensary and bought a joint. I promptly smoked it on a bench on the waterfront. I hung out there for a while and then made my way back home.

When I arrived I felt my pockets and my phone was not on me. I rummaged through my backpack, and I couldn't find it either. It had been a long day hiking and I hadn't had water and food and I was a bit confused as to find my phone by backtracking, so I rung the bell and explained to my aunt B. and uncle J. that I was high and that I needed to check my computer to use "Find my phone".

I was embarrassed beyond measure, but my family was super accepting and understanding of my state. My aunt gave me some water and a protein bar and I sat down five minutes before checking the location.

The location said... my phone was home! I played a sound. We went downstairs to the entrance and my aunt handed me my backpack. Impossible! I went through every pocket! And impossible it was, my phone had been in my jacket the entire time.

I was now doubly embarrassed, for arriving high, and for making an emergency out of nothing, fortunately my family laughed it off and I had a delicious dinner while we watched TV. Then I slept my high off.

I have certainty that I should quit smoking. Even though this time I didn't actually lose my phone, it will make me lose whatever dignity I have (I'm only half-joking!). But having experience quitting tobacco I know better than to go at war with myself. I shall treat every misstep with the compassion that my family gave me yesterday.