After two weeks visiting my uncle R. and aunt H. in Toronto, I'm in Victoria, BC. visiting my aunt B. and my uncle J. It's always interesting meeting with my family, we seem to be a peculiar bunch and it makes me feel comfortable in my existential extravagance. I'm like my family, and my family is like me, so I feel less alone in this path.

Yesterday we went hiking to the East Sooke Park. It had been at least a year since I last hiked, and as often happens when you put down a hobby, when you pick it up you remember why you liked it in the first place.

The thing I like most about hiking is the mental state it puts you in. It's as if my mental dialogue slowed down, or became more quiet, and then the body makes itself present, you look at the uneven floor and you choose where to put your next step, but it's not verbal, it's as if your foot choose where to land, and you are observing your body move.

The path took us along the shoreline where we saw whales and seals. The ocean is majestic, as is the rainforest which we walked through. This land has a beauty that is difficult to put into words, now I understand all those people who rave about BC's nature.

My current environment is free of drama and everything is beautiful. It is difficult to write anything from this vantage point. Where is the tension? Where is the ugliness that precedes beauty? Perhaps I already experienced it and that's why things seem beautiful to me? Perhaps, if I lived here, beauty would be the "new normal"?

As things rarely remain unperturbed, I'm sure this is a temporary state. I feel as if I don't have much to write today but I felt obliged to write an update for myself: I'm experiencing beauty and all is good. I don't have to write about it, but I will anyways, so that I may come back some day to read it and remember this day.