The day was interesting, much to write about.

A year ago I was denied a kiss from someone who later became my friend. She just gave birth to a baby girl. I visited her yesterday. As much as I admire the miracle of life, I was reminded of a question I encountered recently: when was the last time your ineptitude saved the day?

NB: children, even if unplanned, are a blessing to this world and to their parents. If you are caught completely unprepared, you will miss the blessing (by having to work all the time, but absenting yourself from the situation, by your own bitterness, etc.)

Speaking about blessings in disguise, my lightning → audio jack adapter broke, so I can't use my earbuds with my phone. I would mainly use it to play music at the gym and biking to and fro "home" in Cancún. The journey provides long stretches of solitude, which proved to be boring without music setting the pace.

Yesterday, in my boredom, I begun vocalizing sounds. I started going as low pitched as possible, then as high pitched. Then I tried imitating some beats, then I tried singing with a certain constraint of my throat and I felt it modulate without me doing anything. I "got" it. I was not singing good but I got singing, like a muscle that you have just learned to contract, it's more of a discovery and a novelty rather than any pretension of usefulness (yet).

I also wonder: how is it that I walked all of Spain alone and this behaviour didn't emerge then? How is it that I didn't try singing before? Several Dionysian virtues seem to be emerging lately: I'm dancing, I'm singing, and I'm damn horny. Being horny, however, is not a virtue, it is a void that wants to be filled a Dionysian virtue obvious to the reader.

Yesterday I went to the gym for a yoga class. I arrived early, and I saw a Zumba class taking place. I have tried Zumba before and I was overwhelmed by the pace and I would grit my teeth throughout the class. This time I saw the class and thought: now I can do it.

I joined the dance floor and begun busting out moves. Very quickly I begun sweating profusely, but I was keeping up. Teacher busts out some sexy hip work, I smile and imitate along with shoulder movement, teacher smiles back and dances with hips shoulders and wrists. I laugh and accept defeat.

I had a blast, and at the end of the class I went to the teacher to express my gratefulness and admiration of her fitness. She was older than me and had barely broken a sweat. On my way out I walked next to a fat lady who was also very sweaty and told her: I don't know how you all do that, I was waiting for someone to give up and I would walk out with them, but nobody did so I had to do the entire class! We shared a heartfelt laugh and I made it into the changing room to prepare myself for yoga.