I am hungover. Yesterday I went to the beach. Behind me was a club with go-go dancers and party atmosphere. I smoked some weed. I stretched and moved my body to the rhythm of the music. I felt sexy. I went up and asked the beachfront bouncers how much was the entrance fee. It was reasonable and it included open bar.

It was a bacchanal, and I do not regret anything about it, despite losing my shoes and spending an absurd amount on the taxi I used to get back home with the bike. I was stable on the bike, but my bare feet against pedals was too painful and I had to go slow. I just reconsidered my stable-ness: I have some scrapes with dry blood on my legs and I don't remember how I got it. As I said, all was worth it.

It's not that anything exceptional happened. I think my favorite moment of the night was very simple: in the pool I had been flirting with very attractive woman who was a sexy dancer. She was dancing with a lot of people, but I wouldn't approach her, I would just teaser her and she would tease back. We spent most of the night like this, ocasional teases and dancing with other people.

A spontaneous conga line formed in the pool and I wanted to be behind a lady in particular. The lady in particular said that was cheating and put me in front of her. There was a guy in front. I didn't grind but I still danced sexy. Guy in front turns around and dances with me. I dance with him.

Lady with whom I was flirting grabs me by the arm and turns me around to dance with her. My body spontaneously got into hypersexualized mode (hers seemed to be perpetually there) and we danced super sexy without grinding. At the end of our dance she grabbed me by the face and smacked me with a kiss on my cheek and said "thanks".

This moment may appear insignificant even to the most prude reader. It's not the most intense thing which happened in the night (which was pretty tame, I just wanted to dance) but it's where I found let's call it a "healing moment".

A very beautiful girl genuinely thanked me for dancing sexy with her.

For this moment I'm willing to put up with this horrible hangover. Saying I would do anything differently is not appreciating the gift.

Your sexual energy is the gift... clean and pure you can turn the stream into a torrent and dance with it into oblivion.