Walked: 19.6 Km

Today, for the second day in a row, I've seen a skinny lady carrying a huge backpack arrive to the albergue late in the afternoon, only to find it full. On both ocasions, she's been offered a shower and pointed to a good camping spot. She seems glad to have brought her camping gear along. I guess her reasoning is that she'd sleep in the open otherwise.

Though her resilience is admirable in itself, it makes me wonder: does she realise--if she wouldn't be carrying so much weight--she would actually be faster and get to the albergue in time for a bed?

It seems there's a parallel to design: it is possible to create a car that can drive ten thousand kilometers without being refueled, either by increasing the amount of fuel it can carry, or by reducing the amount of fuel it consumes.

The reader is encouraged to ponder on the validity of each solution.