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Why do we have an inner narrator?
It seems that, if he weren't useful, he wouldn't be there. But his purpose is largely a mystery. In spiritual circles it is said that he is necessary for development.

Do we really need a storyline for our life?
We don't have the patience for a movie without a plot. A lifetime without a plot is known as a vegetative state.

Why is the inner narrator sometimes inconsistent?
The narrator is only inconsistent to another narrator looking at us. In schizophrenia, for example, the person is obviously insane yet he feels inwardly consistent.

Why does he have multiple versions of the same story? Are these many narrators?
There is only one narrator, but it may fragment if part of it is disavowed. The disavowed part is known as the shadow.

What would happen if we tried to kill the narrator?
It will only make matters worse. The narrator is not killed, it is integrated and transcended. But, if you tried, he would first hide and make you think he's dead. To the rest of the world it would be obvious he's still there. This is the deluded person who thinks he's reached enlightment, and sits complacent with a stupid smile on his face.

Poke him with a stick while making fun of him, as to make him notice the narrator is very much alive.