Walked: 14.8 Km.

Today I visited the reproduction of the cave of Altamira. After finishing, the guide asked if we had any questions. Things that raced through my mind:

  1. Being that there are so many inhabited caves along Spain's northern mountain range, how is it that Altamira's art is stunningly elaborate? Is it simply conserved better?

  2. Would certain caves belong to certain tribes? Was this a tribe where artists were particularly skillful?

  3. If tribes migrate to the coast during the winter and inland during the summer, would't the coastal cave have paintings of similar quality?

  4. If the paintings represent animals which they didn't particularly consume (i.e. there were many goat bones in the cave, not nearly as many bison or horses), can it be inferred that they were aesthetically attracted to these animals?

  5. Why is it that the entrances to the caves are never painted?

  6. How is it theorized that these artists practiced their art? Since there are not many/any unskilled drawings on the wall, how would they accomplish the skill necessary to paint the cave?

I asked none of this, of course.