As I passed the dining room I saw the shadows perfectly perpendicular to the ground, what time is it? I thought. It was 11:58, oh, the spring equinox just passed!.


Our knowledge of the world may be heliocentric, but our perception is not even geocentric, it's egocentric. I do not experience myself as a conscious being standing on a sphere that spins around a ball of fire, I experience a ball of fire that climbs from my horizon to the top of my head and then descends to the other side from where it came out.

Draw an imaginary L with your finger on your forehead for someone else to read. Is the lower bar pointing right, or is it pointing left? Now think, when you were in school and signaled to a classmate that they were a loser forming an L with your fingers, which hand would you use? Such is the difficulty getting past our self-centeredness.