If I continue down this road, I'll have to rename this site "dancing logs", there's nobody more surprised about this development than me.

In recent years I've had useless preoccupation surfacing in my mind: how am I going to get married if I don't know how to dance. I know the thought is useless, but it is not me who chooses what I think. My imagination would take me to embarrassing places and then propose alternatives: you could take dance lessons just not to make a sad spectacle out of yourself, or you could forgo all dancing if your partner agrees to it.

As I come to discover how to dance, and the fun I'm having with it, this memory comes back and I think: "who wants to get married? Fuck that, let's dance".

Last night I went to a concert with a very talented singer, but her music was not all that danceable. In the middle of the concert I decided I was not there to listen to music, I was there to dance, so I made my way out of the crowd and went to another stage were people were dancing to the beat of a DJ. After this stage closed the doors of the nightclub opened. A DJ named Mara would play.

Her music was reggaeton influenced, so the music was sexy and there were a couple of vedettes dancing on stage from whom I could copy some moves. I used to think copying moves from a woman would make you dance womanly, but when I see it in the mirror it comes out masculine without even trying. I think there is something innate in the way we thrust our hips, so in the same move women thrust their hips backward and up, and men thrust forward and up.

Yesterday I had set my intention to connect through eye contact but it didn't work out that way. Soon after the music started, the woman in front saw I was dancing behind her and moved backwards towards me. I stepped backward too but then after a while of reading the situation I understood she was signalling to dance with me and so I inched closer and moved my hips close (but not grinding) and to my surprise she danced with more enthusiasm.

We danced like this for a while until the music changed, then we danced next to each other, but each to their own. After a while her friend came to dance with me, I gave her the same appreciation as her friend. A guy showed up to chat up the other girl. I overheard him ask "does she [your friend] know him?", "No", "Then why are they dancing like that?" and she shrugged. Indeed, I don't understand either. After a while the girls went on to a different part of the dance floor. I moved too just for a change of scenery.

I ended up next to an attractive tall slim black woman who was a good dancer. I danced on my own for a while, again, she came close to me and I backed up thinking it was an accident. Then she came again and I danced more provocatively to which she responded with more provocation. This had the effect of escalating provocations and a guy who was in front of us took his hands to his head and exclaimed out loud "no, no, no you're too sexy" to which my dance partner was confused and the guy explained "you're beautiful and what you're doing is so nice to see, keep on going". We laughed and kept on perreando. Like before, after a while her two other friends came to dance with me.

One of her friends was particularly well endowed from behind... what a delight to dance with her. I love admiring beautiful women but I'm always discrete and non sexual. Here the rules change, being overtly sexual and seeing with desire are part of the game. As I was dancing with her I thought "Jeez this is so vulgar" but then I thought "that's exactly the point" and I intensified my vulgarity to which my dance partner responded with enthusiasm.

At 2am the DJ said her goodbyes and I left the club, alone. Never have I been more happy without hooking up. I was utterly sober but pumped, and wanted to continue dancing. I went to St. Lawrence street (the "party" street) and even though the streets were full of people, everything was closing down and they weren't allowing anyone in, so I called it quits and made my way back home.

I woke up all excited, looking forward to dance today too. My legs, knees and especially my bum is sore, but I don't care. I must catch up with all the dancing I haven't done in my life.