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Every major profession has a god archetype: God as the Justice Maker (lawyers, judges, police officers, etc); God as the Creator (artists, writers, sculptors, etc); God as the Source of all Life (doctors, biologists, healers, etc). What we're concerned in this house is God as the Architect (engineers, designers, architects).

These representations of God are platonic ideals of behavior for each profession. But, do they come from man's vanity? or they come from divine inspiration?

Would man's ideal of God-as-an-architect create things by trial and error? No, his technique allows no mistake. In his omniscience he is capable of sensing all implications for every design decision he makes, thus he always arrives to the best solution without stumbling along the way.

Would man's ideal of God-as-an-architect create things by accepting constraints? He only seems to accept the constraints of the universe because he created it in perfection. Modifying the constraints to accommodate a new creation would surely be a mistake. Thus, he works within his own constraints because he knows they are perfect.

Would man's ideal of God-as-an-architect improve things by iterations? What a ridiculous idea. God-as-an-architect gets everything right on his first try.

Under scrutiny, god-as-an-architect seems to be a creation of the frustrated designer, who in his toil and attachment to results, yearns for an intelligence that allows him to avoid the pains of creativity.

Natural selection is endless trial and error. Environmental constraints create the most exotic and creative biological designs. What are us, humans, but apes iterated a couple of times in a different direction than our chimpanzee cousins?