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In my young years I wanted to meet a romantic partner who would hate the same things as I did. What a strange thought, to try to find love through hate! Nothing good could come out of this approach, for love always has thorns and hate will soon be directed at each other.

Then I tried the opposite approach: let us find someone who loves the same things that I do. Though it is a healthier approach, it is also folly. The things that you love are jealous of your beloved, and you will bicker with each other because of the pettiest of differences in your affection towards the things you love.

Then I tried finding someone who would complement my love-things. If I loved bread, then I would want to find someone who loved ham, so that we could make a great sandwhich together. Though it seems to work for many people, in personal experience the ham lover can complain that the bread needs less salt to offset the saltiness of the ham, but the bread maker may think it's the ham which needs to be less salty.

I've come to a simple conclusion which I hope to put into practice: love people, not things.