On Saturday I was delivering late at night. A young woman was walking down the street, I was walking some distance behind her. A man passed me and then placed himself in font of the woman, impeding her walking wherever she was headed. They started arguing. It was obvious they knew each other. The woman wanted to leave, the guy impeded it by physical obstruction, on occasion by pulling her by the arm. I passed them while they where arguing verbally.

I looked back, again the guy grabbed her arm and she was trying to leave. I came back and told the guy "Hey buddy, the lady wants to leave, don't make me call the cops". The woman said "that's right I want to leave" and scurried away. To my surprise the man touched my arm gently and said "you're right" and went on opposite way. I continued walking behind the woman. I was picking up an order at the corner.

Before I got there, the guy passed me again. He looked at me and seemed to be trying to recognize if I was the same person who interceded. I looked him straight at his bloodshot eyes, as he was drunk. He said "nobody will impede me from talking to my girlfriend, keep on walking". I stepped aside to reach the restaurant and he screamed at me "that's right! Keep on walking asshole!" and I went into the restaurant, which had large windows.

From the inside I say guy harassing his girlfriend again. I called 911. I told them there was a drunk guy harassing people at the corner of de Maisonneuve and Mackay. I didn't explain the situation, I simply wanted them to show up in case the woman really wanted to get him off of her. I picked up the order and stepped outside.

The guy looked at me. I held his stare. "Don't you dare to look at me!" he screamed to my face. I held a serious stare. A male friend was next to him now. "I'm working, get out of my way", I said calmly. "Well, look away then!". He wanted to establish dominance. "I called the cops and they are on their way, it's better that you leave", I said. "So you called the cops" he said in a mocking voice which revealed hesitation. "Yes", I said as I stepped aside, "I would leave if I were you". He shut up. Then I walked across the street to grab a Bixi.

I biked directly in their direction. They puffed their chests. I pointed to my eyes and then to the drunk guy, as if saying "I'm keeping an eye on you". As I approached them I made a sharp turn to get into the bike line, and sped off to them making sounds of kissing. I had never heard that reaction, but I suppose it means "kiss my ass".

I don't know what resulted from this action (if anything). There is no prescription for this kind of situation. One could make a mistake by getting involved as well as by not getting involved. I was satisfied with what I did, but I feel as if I didn't do it.