I'm very frustrated that I couldn't ever get to Steve. My last ditch attempt was financing a night for my friend to stay at the hostel to at least get some hearsay, and then for him go to the nearby police station and inquire about Steve and leave our contact numbers. I knew it was very unlikely to yield any results, but it was worth the try.

Nothing came out of it.

I'll be leaving Montreal at the end of the month. I know I will be coming back, if not next year then the one after. I suppose Steve will be in jail by then. Perhaps by then the police will be willing to give me his last name so that I can visit him in prison.

I would tell him that I understand, that everything he told Jonathan was true, and that he was a carrier of karma, and that if he feels any guilt (which I doubt), to forgive himself. And then I would tell him I miss him telling me stories, and then I would lean back and listen for as long as I'm allowed.