I finally caught COVID for the first time. My uncle who is visiting from Canada caught it, and then passed it on to me and my aunt. My mother seems to be fine.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten this sick. I checked my work log and it was 2.5 years ago. I recall the sensation was very similar to what I’m feeling now except for the stomach issues, perhaps simply this is the sensation of having low grade fever.

When you are sick you can barely think about anything else. I remember, in more immature years, I used to have a girlfriend who would get sick quite often. When she was sick, she wouldn’t talk about anything other than her ailments with me and our friends. Eventually, I told her: you drain the energy from the room when you complain about your ailments. What else can they say rather than “Oh poor soul”, changing the subject is rude, so the ailing person goes on and on about their symptoms.

This came to mind because I’m doing this myself. My inclination is to list my symptoms: my ears are ringing, my nose is partially stuffed, my body aches and I feel unwell. There is very little motivation for anything, including writing this, which I feel is a waste of time, but at the same time I wouldn’t know what else to do.

I’m trying to twist the story unto anything interesting, it doesn’t matter what, but I can’t find anything worth writing about. I feel a little bit better than I did yesterday, so I hope it will improve from here.

I remember something of minor interest which has nothing to do with my illness: yesterday, despite my sickness, I had to go out to buy groceries. My aunt asked for sweet bread. I went to the panadería and found it closed. Next to it was a small miscellaneous store, with a young attractive woman standing at the doorway. It seemed she was the attendant, and was bored.

I thought to myself: I have no inclination to ask her about the panadería, my energies are too low. So I walked past her, and a couple of steps further ahead I felt seized by something. I turned back and asked her about the opening hours. We had a brief and pleasant interaction, and then I continued my way more cheerful than before. And that was it. I simply note this because when my mood is somber and sullen, I feel no inclination towards social interaction, but social interaction lifted the somber mood, at least a little bit. I also sensed her own respite from her boredom. I will do this more, even if I don’t feel like it.