Yesterday I was a little bummed because the festival line up for the day didn't have the kind of music that I like to dance to. It all seemed to be ballad-pop kind of music, but I still made my way there.

When I arrived it was raining and I had little hope for this to be a good day for dancing. The stage where the artist was supposed to be performing was empty, and people were waiting under the rain-shade of a building nearby. After the rain became a drizzle, Blond, the artist, stepped on the stage. As it was getting late the sun was low on the horizon and it came down from above the clouds, illuminating the stage as Blond took the microphone.

It was a magical moment. Blond is a beautiful man, I seldom think of men as beautiful, but I know how the aesthetic experience and I can't deny I felt the same thing as when I see a beautiful landscape or a beautiful woman (sans libido energy). He spoke some words, his voice was kind and gentle, androgynous but not effeminate.

He begun performing. I saw a very beautiful and sensitive man putting his soul and character to good use. His presence resonated with the crowd and we swayed as he serenaded us. It was all pleasantly sweet and gentle. I let these feelings arise and danced to them. Between songs he would speak some words to us in French which I didn't understand, but having the language of love spoken to us by such a gentle soul was balm for the heart, it wasn't necessary to understand the words.

Many other things happened yesterday, as I finished dancing at 3am, but this is what impressed me the most and what I wanted to share today.