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The camera of my newer iPhone is blurry, just as my inner vision. Dear reader, please forgive my lack of vision.

Yesterday I took my grandmother to see her family doctor for the first time in almost a year. I expected the doctor to advise her to move into a nursing home, because she wants to stay at the apartment, without my help. After the consultation I was given five minutes to the doctor who shrugged her shoulders: what's most likely to happen is that she will have an accident what will put her in the hospital, and she will have to go to a nursing home after that.

I was initially taken aback by her jadedness, but after some thought this is simply one of many outcomes. I will not blame myself if it happens in the way described by the doctor.

In the afternoon I told my grandmother I was going to the library to work. My intention was to have a workout at the gym, but the weather was amazing, the sun felt warm for the first time since I arrived to Canada. I crossed the park and found a bench. I stripped myself shirtless and spent my workout time enjoying the sun at a park still covered in snow.

Sometimes what you're supposed to do is not what you ought to do. Am I being jaded? Deep down I know this is not how things will work out, but they will work out somehow. Everything that I have planned has gone exactly against my plan, so my plan is to have no plan.