Yesterday I went to the beach. My intention was to attend the beach club, but it was kinda empty so I remained "kinda dancing" in the beach. "Kinda dancing" might mean squirming while laying down, or moving my shoulders while sitting up. It looks better than it sounds.

A young beautiful couple were hanging out nearby. I saw the girl eyeing me with curiosity. When her boyfriend left for a dip in the water, we locked eyes. I smiled and she smiled back. Her smile was white against her tanned skin, and her piercing blue eyes matched the sea behind her. It was electrifying.

The girl exuded sensuality. She was confidently topless in a topped beach, enjoying the sun while standing up. She laughed without reservations and flirted naturally. I don't think she was necessarily attracted to me, I think she was an enthusiast of all things sexy and that's why we had our little moment.

However, later on a different lady nearby begun calling me, motioning with her arms to come to her "come, come!", I pointed to myself and then I looked back to see if she was calling someone behind me, but I saw nobody. I looked at her intently, confused. I looked back again and this time I saw a dog, then I understood she was calling the dog and not me.

This left me not only embarrassed, but doubtful that the "little moment" I had with the beautiful lady had only happened in my imagination. She could have smiled to someone behind me.

This notion was dispelled when the couple were leaving. The girl covered herself with a towel to swap her bottoms into panties. Then she dropped the towel, revealing her very small panties. Then she grabbed her shorts, looked at me in the eye, smiled, turned around, and then slowly slid up her shorts up with her rear facing me. As she was doing this her boyfriend turned to look at her and she pretended the show was for him. What a flirt!