I've been observing my dreams carefully for the past few years, writing them down when they're not evidently "mental noise". I have periods where I recall my dreams a lot, and others where they fade into the background. It is usually when real life becomes more intense that the inner world quiets down, though this is not always the case.

In my observations I would venture to say that it is impossible to interpret another person's dreams without knowing him or her profoundly. In fact, it's difficult to interpret your own dreams if you haven't observed them for some time. But I didn't set out to describe what little I know about dreams, I wish to describe the dream I had last night:

I was at home, holed up working as always. I heard on the radio that an old wise sage lived on the outskirts of Madrid. I wanted to visit him. I looked out the window, it was getting dark. I can't take the bike I thought. I need to reach him by foot. And so I begun walking, and at an intersection a naked woman dashed like a deer between cars, and in a patch of grass planted three full grown carrots. It began snowing, and I thought I wanted to follow her, so I ran behind her following her footprints. When I caught up with her we began sprinting together, like deer. Do you have a spiritual name? she asked me, I said no. Well, my spiritual name is __. I thought it was naive that she had a spiritual name, but I remained quiet. I didn't want to ruin this exhilarating moment.

The casual reader of this work log would already have a better hand at interpreting the dream than a trained dream analyst without the context, I think. To me it said clearly: it's time to go outside. Between the release and my sickness I've stay put, moving exclusively between the gym, the supermarket and the library for weeks.

But in the morning I had this uneasiness of leaving my comfort zone. I could just stay home and work I thought. It felt as if grabbing the bike and working from the library at Retiro would be a hassle, that I was still weak from illness, that it's all uphill on the way back, yadda yadda.

And then I thought: that's an interesting experiment, I had a dream of yearning for adventure, yet my rational mind predicts that I will be miserable doing it. Let us see what arises from experience.

The dream was right. I had a simple yet wonderful and productive day.