I've been weed free 10 days now. It's been easier than I thought. What usually bites me is quality of sleep which makes my day miserable, but this time around I'm sleeping more or less the same with and without weed (which is not very good given I sleep on an air mattress).

My dancing outings would usually begin high and then I would naturally come down. I would keep on dancing sober. In these 10 days I've gone out dancing five times, and the first two or three times were kinda meh, I wasn't too into it and left early. But then I discovered that if I keep on going I get into the flow and I don't require weed to kickstart dancing, but it takes me around 30 minutes to settle into it.

It's strange. I notice myself in a mental state of being when I arrive. I start with small movements, getting into the rhythm. I'm self conscious. As I gradually leave my mind and come into my body I grow more comfortable moving and then I dance properly. Being high allows me to jump right in whereas sober there is a warm-up period. I'm just glad that I'm able to dance sober like a rock, and that I enjoy it just as much.

Yesterday I went to MUTEK, an electronic music festival. Not the kind of music I usually dance, very different crowd from what I am accustomed to. Lots of people high on all kind of things. I danced and I liked it. I'm glad to see the dancing thing settle into a skill. I no longer need to dance, but I enjoy doing it under any circumstance. It's a blessing.

Yesterday I signed up for an introductory offer at a dance studio for one week. I've graduated, and it's time to learn to dance with a partner.