I am laying in bed, with the laptop laying on my knees. There's electricity now. I do prefer handwriting, but typing it out later is tedious, and today I am in a rush.

Why? I organized a kid's party and it is today. Why? My mother saved egg shells and filled them with flour so that I could play with my nephew when I came back to Mexico, but it took me so long that my mother ended up saving hundreds of eggs.

I looked at the tower of cartons and thought: this would be so much fun as a massive war in the land behind the house. So I carved out a path and I've been cleaning the last two weeks. Today the house is finally clean and the land behind the house has a really cool path carved into it.

It's themed as a halloween party, but it feels like I'm celebrating my decision to stay in Puebla at least a year. While working the garden I thought: I ought to experience all seasons here again. I lived here some 15 years ago, yet everything seems new. Is it a different place, or a different person whom is experiencing this? The latter, for sure.