I lay in bed, for the third night in a row without electricity. Two candles by my side, and again, I'm high. The prospect of spending another night of sober boredom did not fancy me, so I went to score some pot.

I shall describe how I found the place: along Pope John II Circuit (one of the main streets in Puebla) there's a place which sells smoking paraphernalia out of what seems to be a house converted into a business. A young guy attended me. I said, translating the best I can from Spanish (though it will surely sound differently:

(after asking for some cigarette papers) --"Pardon the indiscretion, but I just came back to Puebla after a long time. Do you happen to know anybody who could provide me some weed? Or do you happen to sell?", and he said yes of course, we sell. To the reader this may seem the most normal interaction, but unfortunately things don't usually go smoothly for me when trying to score.

He went "downstairs" as Moe in Simpsons and came back with a black bag, a large amount of MJ for the ridiculous price of $20 pesos, around $1 USD. He said he had "Kush" which was $80 per gram to which I answered "some other day I'll try it, this is perfect for now". Extremely high potency weed knocks you to another planet, you still need a bit of lucidity to do the kind of writing I'm doing now.

So, I put the black bag in my backpack and begun walking home. The sun was coming down and I thought it would be perfect to light up during the walk. I saw a beautiful sunset but it was obstructed by buildings. I looked up: there was an almost complete building which would be perfect to see it from the top floors, and it had a big banner announcing the phone number.

Instead of calling, I decided to walk around the block to find the entrance, but alas! There was none to be found! I found a good man and told him:

--"Excuse me, do you work here?"
--"Yes I do"
--"Oh do you see over there, the view is obstructing us at this time, but there's a building behind it right?
--"Yes, a residential building on sale"
--"Well, I've walked around the block trying to find the entrance and there is none!", He seemed amused that anybody would try that.
--"Just call the number, it's on the building!"
--"Yeah yeah I got the number! But I wanted to take a closer look now that I'm here"
--"Well, there's a guard but he's not authorized to let you in. During the day there's construction going on, then you could ask to have a look".

My first thought was to ask my way in. But I thought: before resorting to these things I better pretend to be interested in buying, you could probably carry the rouse quite far, but for now getting a great view of the sunset was enough. So I called.

Hello, I'm interested in the building you have right next to Angelópolis, I'm looking to buy and yadda yadda. Please set me up for an appointment at sunset. We don't have access to the building yet, but I can show you a similar development and yadda yadda. I can't spend $250,000 USD on a property without even looking at it. And so we went back and forth and I saw I would get nowhere, so I asked her to give me a call when the building is open for visits. She said that it would be within a month, but that the top floors might as well sell out by then. I do not buy without seeing I said, that is not negotiable. I guess I was enjoying my part in the play.

And so only time will tell if I wait until the Real Estate agent calls me back or if I try to bribe my way in. If it comes to this, I'd have to justify my actions. But until then, I remain silent.

Oh dear, it is time to attend urgent matters (the candle is melting over the table), well, if I hadn't noticed in the last fifteen minutes it won't make any difference by now. But the sense or urgency does not abandon. It is time to go, farewell!