I'm making an inventory of all the things in the apartment. I passed the list to the family so that they could earmark items for themselves. My brother asked about my grandfather's engineering ring, I told them the story which I share here:

The long story [about the engineering ring] is that Christine [my grandmother] lost track of it when John [my grandfather] died. She was obsessed about it, thinking that someone must have stolen it at the hospital etc. It's difficult to convey how much she would brood over it.

So she was elated when Shevaughn handed it back--she had picked up John's stuff from the hospital when he passed away, and even though Shevaughn told Christine multiple times she was in custody of the ring, she would forget. Once she got ahold of it, she wanted to pass it down to Rick.

It's right around this time when my dad asked if he could have John's ring, since he lost his ring in a serious work related accident. Even though it made a lot of sense, I knew I couldn't ask Christine for it at the time because 1. Suspicion of foul play still lingered on her 2. She disliked dad at the time, saying he was conceited and 3. She also disfavored me at the time, to the point where reverse psychology would have been more effective (e.g. never give the ring to dad!).

I suggested to Rick that we should put up a show and have Rick accept the ring and then pass it on to dad. Christine often talked about giving the ring to Rick, but never came around to doing it.

Then John's funeral happened and Christine and dad met again. Knowing dad, I imagine he was not conceited but indifferent to Christine in the old days, but now he was attentive and kind. She was quite amazed after the funeral, saying many times that dad had "turned around his ways".

Having the suspicions around the ring cleared long ago, I also had "turned around my ways" with Christine by then, so my suggestions were at least put into consideration. I just had to pick the right time to suggest it. Finally one night she came to the topic on her own "oh I have to give the ring to Rick" and then I told her about the accident and how dad wanted it, she immediately consented and was enthusiastic that dad would have a special inherited replacement ring. I didn't want to spoil the moment by having an actionable commitment ("can you give me the ring now?") so I let pass thinking I would have to ask for it again. Three days later, much to my surprise, unprompted she walks out of her room with the ring in her hand, and gave it to me for custody until it reached dad.

I came back to Mexico all excited to give the ring to dad. Imagine my disappointment when I see he already has an engineering ring! Anyways, I think this ring is special not only because it belonged to grandpa, but also because of the story behind it.