This is an exercise for sensing the future for next year. Here is an article on why I did it this way.

I did the same for sensing tomorrow: 2019 12 17 work log: the day ahead

I am writing from December 31, 2020.

My desk is devoid of vice.

[name pending for the dog] arrived exactly one year ago, I'm glad I kept her.

The walls have paintings of my own creation.

My shrine is a true shrine.

There is a basket with lemons, avocados and chillies grown on this land.

Is there someone with me? I cannot answer this question, it is a riddle too difficult for me.

There spoke attachment.

I will speak from what the heart yearns: a wonderful woman waits for me in the bedroom.

There spoke desire.

Wether I am alone or in company, I will be fine with it.

There spoke the soul.

Everything is as it's supposed to be.

There spoke truth.

2020 is the year I built bridges between spirituality and my profession.

My financial situation is stable, the source of income comes from work in the sense that I have come to understand it: a sense of flow, indistinct of the source.

The writing course was a thrill, and I'm glad it opened new, unexpected doors. I feel much more comfortable with the idea of teaching now that I put it into practice under my own terms.

I'm glad my situation allows for some generosity. I treasured the three month yoga class fees that I received from my sister and my mother, and I am glad to have responded this year with more generosity coming from a point of more prosperity than last year, when my situation was dire.

I am still in Puebla. If one prospers at a place, it is a sign to stay put. The house is greatly improved, mostly through my own physical efforts. All the little places where mice can sneak in have been addressed, and I no longer encounter unwelcome visitors.

The difference between my garden and the land behind the house have been erased. It is clear of castor oil plants and the Canna Lilly plantation prospered, providing fresh foliage again this winter.

This year my material world skills leveled up. The path took me through the discovery of the body. Yoga, rythm, flexibility, strength, balance all increased this year. I am able to perform a press handstand. I also trained my hands with real world wood work projects.

I mostly consume information from the real world. I do not check news sites or social media on habit. I am more present. I am more aware. I am more conscious. I am more compassionate. I am... Shhhhh ego. If we head in the correct direction we will arrive eventually.

This year I explored Truth in principle and in practice. I say what I think, yet I have learned how to handle difficult truths and my current rough ways have given way to a gentler, kinder way of pointing in the direction which I perceive as correct.

Back to 2019.

If this is a true prediction of trajectory or just wishful thinking is to be discovered next year. The exercise is mostly about projecting one's desired future and knowing where to place action in order to fulfill it.