First time in ages that I have set's time and word goal. My battery is at 8% and I needed to constrain my writing, otherwise I might not hit the work log today.

I admit I don't like clocks, and I don't like feeling rushed. My mother barged in and told me the pumpkin seeds would go bad if we didn't plant them soon. I had to tell her to wait, that I was in the middle of something important.

But, isn't is magnanimous people who are never in a rush? They don't chase, that's why they are never in a rush. What would I chase so that I don't have time? It's attachment to writing, I thought: I should share my progress with the rocks, but I won't have enough battery to upload the photos and do a full blown post, so I will sit down and write down experience.

What happened today?

I decided to fix up the front yard. It's still in terrible shape. I was being distracted by the backyard, I very much prefer to work on the back rather than on the front for some reason I can't fathom. I found two huge tires in the backyard and, since they were filled with dirt, I bounced them around as if I was in a crossfit class. "This would be a good replacement for the gym" I thought. But I'm still skeptical about it.

Meanwhile, the tires will make great props for the halloween party.

I cleaned not only the front yard, but the plants in front of the house. They were in a sad state. I took out all the gladiolas. The wet season is overdue and when they dry out they look terrible and are difficult to cut up into pieces.

Then there's a tall cypress that had some cactuses at it's base. Cypresses populate cemeteries because they are a symbol of spiritual yearning (straight to the skies). Under the cypress there were some cactuses, which I thought looked horrible. But when the time came to chop em off, I noticed the spears were all soft and plump, it was Aloe Vera! I opened up one and rubbed the contents on my hands. They were sore.

Time to leave now, battery is at 3%.