8:44 I'm getting out of bed hungover. It's early in the morning, and I'm sitting on the sofa of a very messy living room. The task of cleaning up after the posada is up ahead. I will only be able to do this while high. Reader beware.

9:00 The first task of the morning is feeding the roosters. Fortunately there's plenty of left overs. They don't seem to like chicharrines (really low quality flour crisps) too much. Wise choice.

IMG_5693 (1).jpg

9:15 Inspecting the results of an experiment: I set up the floor of the garden with the leaves of Canna Lilly), and other greens so that they would be crushed into the ground by unsuspecting party goers. I'd say it was successful. The plan is to allow vegetation to mulch into the ground all winter. Plus, the avocado trees will appreciate it.

9:40 I had a layout problem in this entry and thought it was a quick fix. It took me almost half an hour. I'm getting hungry, better feed myself. It seems I'm not too willing to actually start cleaning!


10:09 Despite having plenty of leftovers, I have a kilogram of meat that will go bad if do not eat it today. I ate five of these, which looks as dry as they tasted. Tea is brewing. I cleaned up the kitchen as I cooked.

10:49 After twenty minutes of drinking tea while mentally narrating a story about what I would write about, I thought: I'm narrating a narration. I'm two layers removed from reality. I heard a bird chirp. I looked up. It was resting upon a branch of the avocado tree. It was a small yellow bird which I don't know it's name. They seem to be curious about the house, I've already helped two of them find the way out of this glassy house.

11:20 Googling I came across a PDF with the species of birds in Puebla and it seems I got a match with the Nashville Warbler. Summers they spend in Canada, winters in Mexico. Smart guys.


What a wonderful time to live, where I can see a bird and know it's name in half an hour. Still, it makes me yearn for the simplicity of pointing at it with a camera to know its name. Perhaps I'm too skeptical about the present, let us see what is available on the app store.

12:27 Oh my what horrifying times we live in where one has to install an app, register, set up permissions, yadda yadda. I downloaded two apps: one is a guided narrowing down through questions, the other a machine learning assisted photo identification.

The problem with birds is that they are hard to photograph with your phone. Surely the latest iPhones are much better at this, but the experience of this through a phone will always be poor. There is tremendous potential in the intersection between nature and augmented reality but it doesn't happen in the phone.

[Prediction 2040] We will wear contact lenses that augment reality. Should this be 2040, I would plant microsensors in my garden, and through my contact lenses I would be able to see soil and air quality. Most people will have roomba like devices which will deliver water and nutrients to the living things that require them. The problem is both indoors and outdoors, but each has very different design constraints.

13:00 I'm actually enjoying the leisurely pace. Mom called to ask if she should come help clean up. She was relieved and I was relieved when I said it is not necessary. Energies are low. I drunk a moderate amount yesterday. It doesn't require nursing but I don't have coffee. My tea! I left it outside. It must be cold now. Good, because it's getting warmer.


14:00 Haven't forgotten about you buddy!

IMG_5709 (1).jpg

15:30 Lunch. Leftovers with sour cream and avocado, with more meat. Currently feeling slightly lethargic after finishing the pan.

17:00 Just woke up from a nap. I better finish the backyard before the sun comes down.

18:00 Mosquitos and the waning light drove me inside. I'm used to living with them but they don't cease being a nuisance. I will light an insecticide spiral (raidolito).

I made a deal with the scorpion: I'd find him a nice house at the frontier of my domains, and he would protect the border from the pests which threaten this home, which are grasshoppers and mice. We parted ways as friends (I hope).

[Intuition to be verified] I will never see a scorpion inside the house again

As much as I'm enjoying sitting down to document, it's taking me twice the time the accomplish work. But it could be due the hangover.

Does it happen to you that sometimes when you leave things out of place for too long, they just become fixed there? Like, there's a bottle of Stolichnaya behind me, if it stayed here three days it would become a fixture. It is virtue to be expedient in the restoration of order.

Let's try to have a long work session, and come back to write when rest is needed.

19:20 I put on a Podcast to listen while I cleaned, but I made the wrong choice and put Kapil Gupta on an interview with Crazy Wisdom. I say wrong because I couldn't continue my activities. I had to sit down to listen to him. Truth must be given proper attention by the mind, the soul and the body.

There are very few living spiritual teachers who don't belong to a religion and are honest in their teaching. [Intuition to be verified] His fame will only grow. Many people thirst for this kind of teaching, an understanding of their inner map so that they have complete freedom, instead of following the fixed path of ritual and misunderstood moral virtue. His words are seeding things on fertile ground. I accept him as my current teacher, though he won't know I'm his student.

20:00 Procrastinated some more looking into how to fertilize the avocado trees organically. It seems I'm resisting the task of putting things into order, though I've advanced some. Here is an example of a schism in will: one part of the self wants to have the house ready for the weekend, the other is drinking his hot fruit punch, enjoying just hanging around writing.

Well, I shall write until I'm tired of writing then. That way I can resume putting things into order. See? Inspiration fades away as soon as you invoke it. But what should I write about? Should I delete this paragraph? Shut up!

[Question prompt] What is something that has inspired you lately? For me I shall speak about something that inspired me lately. Kapil Gupta again. The air is filled with prana. The more mind activity, the less prana one draw out of the air. These things are spiritual in nature and are now to be demonstrated by Newtonian science but by Goethian science: to verify by your own experience. The more conscious you become of your breath, the more energy and presence one is felt. A deep grounding or coming into being is felt. One abandons the world of ideas and abstractions and comes into presence.

I don't need to write anything anymore. Following the breath brings inspiration.

21:11 Inspiration indeed. The act of sweeping brought back memories of Al-Ghazali. An encyclopedic genius of the islamic variety who suddenly declares all his knowledge work vain, and then, through meditative Sufi practices he produces the most beautiful mystical descriptions. He steps down from the rectorship of the most important Persian university to sweep its floors. All knowledge is vain, says the man who knew everything. It is only direct communication with God which reveals what is True, and to get to know the Truth, knowledge gets in the way.

I must continue.

21:50 The body is aching still. I have a pain in my neck, if I tilt my head towards the right. I am currently leaning into pain and it seems to have progressively disappeared through observation. Very interesting.

Let's find other spots... Full backward brings not really painful but uncomfortable sensations. Let us look into it... Oh yeah that was paradise. Move your head in a circle, find the pain, and then rest into it. Breathe.

I think the entire body reclaims its acknowledgement. I put it through the hardest trials. I will log-off at 10pm and I have two minutes to write about whatever I want. Stage fright. Again. No no no, is there an art of self---- I interrupt the train of thought. It goes nowhere.

Good night.