Sometimes I sit down and write the first paragraph of my work log, then I don't like what comes out, I delete it and take another route, I don't like it and repeat the process again. When I do this, I usually switch to a straightforward account of the day, and that's what I will do today.

I woke up before sunrise and I did my morning routine. It now includes drawing a particular window where I sit down to drink my coffee, and then paint it in watercolors. It takes me around 45 minutes. In drawing you are trying to master proportions and in painting you're mastering color and technique, drawing the same thing everyday isn't the most thrilling of activities, but it sure helps you iterate and improve. The view from the window is quite simple and uninteresting. It's skill, not beauty, what I'm pursuing at this time. I will share progress when progress is made.

My university degree requires me to get a picture of myself wearing a suit. I don't have a suit, so I borrowed one from a cousin. This is the second time in a month that I need a suit, and it highlights my lack of formal attire.

In almost everything I purchase I go to extremes: I either buy the cheapest and most disposable thing, or I buy the highest quality and durable option. The reasoning is that I move a lot, so I throw away everything that is low quality and transport the high quality stuff.

In the case of a suit I'm torn. A well stored suit may last twenty years, but its fashion will not. Is there a timeless suit which transcends fashion? If I can answer this question affirmatively, I may just hire a tailor to get it designed and built. This, however, is in the longer term horizon.

I went to the photo studio to get my portrait photos done. I looked myself in the mirror: my face had scratches and irritations from working the land behind my house. The photographer told me not to worry, he'd remove them digitally. When he handed me the pictures I saw the dreaded digitally smoothed skin phenomena. I would very much prefer my scratches.

I then worked a couple of hours. For client work I discovered variable fonts are supported in SVG, and I might update Method Draw to support them.

I came back home to work on the land behind the house. I decided to clear the land by hand, not using the machete. It seems this is the proper way of clearing land if you don't want to start from scratch. Nature creates the most beautiful gardens, but since there are no animals to upkeep the garden, land turns unsightly.

I ended climbing up a tree clearing numerous dead branches. I thought: I'm doing the job of a possum. I pulled out weed from the ground, I'm doing the job of a goat. I cleared creeping vines, I'm doing the job of a... human gardener I guess.

My sister and my favorite cousin came over for dinner. They said the house had a different energy, it no longer felt like an abandoned house. I admit it made me proud.