What a wonder it is to admire someone in your immediate family who is close to you. If the intimacy of the family member is enough, one might catch glimpses of the shadow, forming the chiaroscuro of a true work of art. Celebrate that person.

It is not uncommon that people are outwardly patient and tolerant, but flip into impatience and intolerance in their intimate circle. When one forces tolerance and patience, the opposite is expressed in unpredictable ways.

One of the steps in reaching serenity is to tolerate intolerance (within oneself and from others).

A person who wants to save the world and also hates their family is surely dangerous. There will be anger in all their actions.

The person who pretends to be happy is the one who most often cries him or herself to sleep.

If a person needs to be an impostor amongst his or her family, it is best that they remove themselves from the situation, because this has greatly damaging effects in the long term. As this is often imposible, the stranded person must make small steps towards his or her real authenticity, no matter how small, so that the impostor's personality does not become imprinted in one's spirit.

Dreams become vivid by periods. It is not that we don't dream, it is that the vividness of the dreams are dimmed to the point of irrelevance. We remember what we dream when we dream vividly.

After writing the previous thought I had a nap. I dreamed (in a dimmed, unlively fashion) that I was snacking on chunks of fish while chatting with my Canadian uncle (whom is visiting in real life). I put a large piece of piece of fish in my mouth and I felt a fish bone get caught in my throat. I thought: I must breathe calmly to see if my airway is obstructed. It was difficult, but I was able to breathe. I kept on listening to my uncle chatting at me while I pretended nothing happened.