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Experiments in handwriting

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I seem to write differently it I write by hand, when it is imposible to edir talle breath to think and then allow to hand to expred what the mind wished to communicate. I more baroque, but also closer to the heart, I think The reason why I am wnting the camino log on a hot book is to see if it is Feasible to send my computer back home, care I am done with the project lam currently working on. I plan to pal this through sane OCR appou n su ition wile without much editing , Suppote, since I am in the topic of hand writing, I might as well put dawn sone thoughts Ver the topic, Like dancing, when I think about how I am writing the quality diminishes drastically. self-consciousness inevitably gets in the way of all form at pas mat evokuisian, what wman beatiful n uken the water dad be, and he w capable of nmering hmielt of the equation, What N maut interesting alat thi denmera, w that not only the breater orbeas ketu the creater Smelt beamu berit a studied by science: prople who are loving " that w; engrossed in achute, are more attractie o other posere. And I degressed. If I alre ate complete I would have pwbably deleted the evera) paragraph. Back yo the topic at handwrina. • w' hid that there i ne anlaman Caccording to schna) beruken av personality and yar hard writing, rau ',/ dary and if the same aprej to merk aan Does it hapmr to you that parue demu yar hendunting Idriordted, ogles and disfressed? Otter daw Harvey senth big ascendero and descender. Other day Yuan be Omall and timid, Otter daw and assetie. Could hundunting he could like the voiw, in which a utrying degree of emotis cms be detoed? What if I were to begin writing about a topi/ acre emotional abat V/ suppose it deperdu an the person calligrapher and actw both aduur their expression according to the need, and hand wita w such a lout of naunday that a tremenda/ amant of Fows meest bi expended in minag aal hard and fingers n an intelligible way to read ang emotan into the form. V I see that I hue lout some skill with to per Jo the idea of handwriting my camino logu appeals to me, I hope thay the our dow a decent job with this

Transcription by hand (minimal editing)

I seem to write differently if I write by hand. When it is impossible to edit, I take a breath to think, and then allow the hand to express what the mind wishes to communicate. It is more baroque, but also closer to the heart, I think.

The reason why I am writing this camino log on a notebook is to see if it is feasible to send my computer back home once I am done with the project I am currently working on. I plan to pass this through some OCR apps to see if I can write without much editing.

I suppose, since I am on the topic of handwriting, I might as well put down some thoughts on the topic. Like dancing, when I think about how I am writing, the quality diminishes drastically. Self-consciousness inevitably gets in the way of all forms of personal expression. What is most beautiful is when the creator ceases to be, and he is capable of removing himself from the equation.

What is most interesting about this phenomena, is that not only the creator produces beauty, the creator himself becomes beautiful. It is studied by science: people who are "flowing", that is, engrossed in activity, are more attractive to other observers. [can't find the study].

And I digressed. If I were on the computer I would have probably deleted the previous paragraph. Back to the topic of handwriting: It is said that there is no correlation (according to science) between your personality and your handwriting. However I don't know if the same applies to a single person. Does it happen to you, that some days your handwriting is disordered, ugly and distressed? other days it flourishes with big ascenders and descenders. Other days it can be small and timid, other days bold an assertive.

Could handwriting be considered like the voice, in which a certain degree of emotion can be detected? What if I were to begin writing about a topic I were emotional about? I suppose it depends on the person. Calligraphers and actors both adjust their expression according to the need, and handwriting is such a lost art nowadays that a tremendous amount of focus must be expended in moving one's hand and fingers in an intelligible way as to read any emotion into the forms.

I see that I have lost some skill with the pen, so the idea of handwriting camino logs appeals to me, I hope that the OCR does a decent job with this.


  1. Since other people often have trouble deciphering my handwriting, I doubt I will find an app that will do any better than the app I used. Something that attempted lexical interpretation could be better at it.

  2. I don't want to change my handwriting so that it's recognized with more accuracy. Changing the way you write shifts all the attention from your train of thought to the printing of letterforms.

  3. Only formidable writers are capable of coherence on their first pass. Us mortals have to heavily edit what we write.

  4. I'd probably get better at it with time and technique.


A. I could post daily pictures of the notebook, and then transcribe when I reach a town with a public library.

B. Or I could buy a lightweight portable keyboard and edit on my phone.

I'll keep on posting videos, it should be trivial with the mobile version of iMovie.

I'll put the decision of the backlog to give it some thought. If you an opinion, drop me a line at hello@method.ac