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If you were to be locked up for a year in solitary confinement:

¶ What color would you paint the walls?

¶ If you were given the choice between one book, or a stack of notebooks and a pen, what would you choose?

¶ Assuming you could recieve only one visit per month, and assuming it always has to be the same person, and assuming there can't be any sexual contact, who would that person be?

¶ Assuming you were given the option of having an unbreakable face mirror installed, but no means to shave or improve your appearance, would you take it?

¶ You can have the option to get a TV stuck on CNN which can't be turned off, or have nothing. The TV can be muted. What do you choose?

¶ You can get one bottle of the booze of your choice per month. Do you think you would have one small drink a day, or would you get wasted once per month?

¶ There is a solitary confinement cell with spiders (which don't bite), the other is clean. Which one do you take?

¶ Your time in solitary confinement is halved by providing a person who will take your place. He or she doesn't have to consent. Would you have a name in mind?