I'm leaving soon. I must leave my grandmother in private care and I'm organizing everything. I must juggle many responsibilities. This dream I experienced early in the morning is an echo of this experience.

I had a dream in which I was in Mexico with my grandmother. I was in an unknown house in a semi-rural location. It was 8:30 and I thought it would be a good idea to have a quick bike ride before waking her up.

I went out and found a farmer selling a fat piglet in his arms. I asked how much "$15 pesos" he answered. What a steal! I'd have it for breakfast, I thought.

I continued my way and found a shirtless teenager asking me where certain natural pools were. I told him I had no idea, but he told me he knew they were uphill, that he could hop on my bike and just to drive him a little bit up the road. I was riding a Bixi like they have in Montreal. I worried I would not be back on time, but I told him to hop in the basket in the front.

Soon the kid became unsure about the direction, so I said I'd go inside a store to ask. Several policemen were there, all very white skinned, which seemed strange given the context. I asked one of them where I could find the natural pools, he gave me directions and I headed out.

On my way out I noticed the piglet was no longer in my arms, so I searched for it and found an abandoned baby in a corner. I asked whose baby was that and everybody shrugged their shoulders. I took it in my arms and wondered what I'd do about it, I couldn't just leave it there. I found a little corner where people were having a literary round table of sorts, I wanted to join but I didn't have time.

I searched for the piglet again, and found it lying, breathing with difficulty. I had a momentary concern: I intended to have this pig for breakfast, but as I looked at it I knew I wouldn't have the heart to butcher it, it would have been much easier just to buy bacon. I'd have to keep it as a pet.

Then I noticed I was missing the baby, I started searching frantically for it, I went outside to let the kid know I was taking long because I had lost a baby and I saw that neither my bike nor the kid were there. I didn't mind, I was worried that it was time to go back home to wake up grandma and I didn't have the baby with me.