Places and people which which you spent a significant amount of time tend to gravitate you towards the level of development at which you last met.

Friends with which you used to drink will gravitate you towards drinking. Even if they don't drink anymore, the fact that you are there is a trigger to drink.

When coming to live with your family again, you will find yourself acting as the last time you lived together. Our parents and siblings have a way of making us fall back into patterns that had long been forgotten.

Old places trigger memories. I'm now sitting at which had been my bedroom the last few years I lived in Puebla. It no longer looks anything like it used to, yet a strong desire to smoke and put myself to work seems to arise here.

This house is now empty. It is possible that I may live here for a couple of months. I feel echoes of sensations and moods which I hadn't felt in many years.

What is one to do?

Accept the invitation to regress, then walk from there from a mature perspective. If your buddies invite you to drink, drink with them. Later on you can invite them to an activity that interests you nowadays. If a house brings revives emotions, accept them, and then meditate the house as to associate it with more developed psychological patterns.

In the spiritual path nothing is rejected, all is included and then transcended. Coming back to old paths will place you exactly where you last left them. "Oh no!", you might think, "I just lost 25 years of life because I'm back at the same spot!". But that is considering the contents of experience useless. These branches are thirsting for the sap and yearning for the sun that young branches are getting.