Outwardly busy, yet inwardly serene,

immersed in activity, yet quiet in the mind.

Knitting the tapestry of life through action,

yet utterly uninterested in the pattern revealed,

One unfolds the mystery within.

Forgetting oneself through activity

this is how one-self is revealed.

We believe we are the voice,

but we are the action.

We believe we are the image,

but we are the essence.

We believe we are the flesh,

but we are the soul.

How difficult it is to walk this path!

To declare everything you knew utterly useless.

The things that are important do not belong to this reality.

You lose your time but you gain your soul.

What good does a soul bring to life?

Breathing, it inspires and produces meaning.

Running, it is the white horse of spirit, galloping fields of freedom.

Remaining still, it appreciates the utter magic we live in.

But such an upside cannot come without a downside,

one cannot understand meaning without staring into the void of nihilism,

one cannot experience the thrill of a run without having been chained,

one cannot appreciate silence without having experienced the cacophony of life.

Yet, moving exclusively among dualities one experiences only a slither of life.

It is necessary to grow in a dimension which remains elusive,

that which escapes duality,

that which is not white or black, nor gray.

But from the extremes produces the spectrum of all colors.

The utter magic of transcending duality must be experienced,

it ceases to be one or the other,

to become one, the other, and something entirely different.

To the mind trapped in duality this is nonsense.

Still immature, it interprets the world as a child.

Perceiving forces of good and forces of evil,

ignorant that they emerge from the same source.

Narrow your eyes.

Observe beyond.

What lies beyond good and evil?

A universe that unfolds,

producing all the miracles and all the tragedies of life,

to the universe there is nothing good or evil,

it is in our pity minds that we perceive these things,

because we avoid pain and seek pleasure,

we confuse pain with evil and pleasure with good.

When we transcend this duality,

pain ceases causing suffering,

pleasure ceases to bring happiness.

The state has inverted: inwardly busy, outwardly serene.

As soon as one observes the inward state,

The winds of attention produce ripples on the surface of consciousness.

Obscuring depth, making everything appear shallow.

How does one observe without disturbing the surface?

Mystery of mysteries.

It never ends.