Walked: 25.5 Km

Do you ever set down to your daily task and think "oh shit, this is going to be tough today?". You begin trying to find the cause: did I sleep well? Am I well fed? Did someone put rocks in my backpack? You can find ten thousand excuses for feeling inadequate for the task at hand, yet somehow, when the daily task flows you are never over-analyzing. Imagine: "How is it that I'm so productive at this moment? My fingers are moving so fast on the keyboard! Was it the coffee or the new pillow I bought?".

We think that this mental babbling is reason, that we are going into debugging mode so that we can come into a more agreeable state, but there is no such thing: it is the mind which is causing the misery. Yes, I know my feet hurt, yes I know it's hot, yes I know I'm thirsty, do you have to repeat it time and time again?

Nearing my the end of my walk I came upon a particularly steep hill. I wanted to be done with it, so I pressed harder. I heard a voice: "you must know the limits of your body, and take care of it". I paused to catch my breath under a shadow. Then I thought, I've heard this phrase from two different sources: yoga instructors and couch potatoes.

How do you know your limits if your mind complains too much?