Walked: 18.0 Km

I walked with my phone battery depleted, so the number is an estimate and there's no video for today.

For the last few days I've been dragging my feet while walking. Dark clouds swell in the sky, and then it drizzles all day long. Grieving having parted ways with a romantic friend. The mood has been matching the weather. Not feeling connection with anyone I meet, despite meeting a lot of people.

Then, arising from the boredom of gloom, I begun thinking about work. It came as a flash of insight: ah, yes! how I hadn't seen that before!, a reputable company had been interested in my services, but what they needed was so trivial yet so costly in terms of work hours that I couldn't make it work out.

This insight made several more other pieces fall into place. In the thousands of kilometers walked, never had I experienced something like this. My backpack became light again, my feet swift, my mood cheerful, my connections meaningful, the sky lighted up; all arising from a single insight.

A great desire to put myself to work immediately took ahold. I must allow for a few days to simmer and understand how the pieces fit together. But I was pleased to see thinking about work can also make the skies clear.

My mother called, she said "I call because I dreamed of you. You came back to Mexico, and I had set up a banner that said 'Freedom is called Mark'. Then I understood why you were walking: to make space to perceive all the sensations of connecting with something greater than us. You sought that inner freedom". My heart leaped with joy, I couldn't have explained it better myself.